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Resin bonded wheel



1.pngLow down grinding power, reduce risky of burning.

    Roy grain self-sharpening feature works to low down grinding power.

1.pngIncrease wheel life

    Wheel grade and structure can be adjusted to be harder, hence to increase wheel life.

1.pngImprove wheel grinding efficiency

    Grinding infeed and travel speed could be increased to improve efficiency since burning risky is reduced.

Case Studies:

Bonded Abrasives(BA) is the grinding tool of a solid form boned into by natural or synthetic abrasive grains, usually in the shape of a wheel. The bond could be vitrified, resin, rubber etc. Vitrified and resin bond wheel are most popular.

Bonded wheel consists of grain, bond, porosity. Grain is critical for grinding and ceramic grain can significantly increase wheel life and grinding efficiency.

For resin bonded wheel, due to self-sharpening feature of ceramic grain, which helps to low down grinding power and reduce the burning risky. wheel grade and structure could be adjusted to be harder, hence to increase wheel life.



Roy Product Case Study For BA Organic Wheel.pdf