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Compact Grain CG Series

Compact grains CG series is revolutionary technology grain system especially developed for application with high demand on high grinding eciency and high surface quality. The grain is pre-treated and arranged, result in this grain system shows sharp edges in every direction. At the same time, the distance between grains are even distributed, significantly improving abrasive tool homogeneity. Product series include CG-AO(aluminum oxide), CG-SiC (silicon carbide) and CG-SG (ceramic aluminum oxide) series.


● Compact grains CG series can be used in bonded abrasive both vitrified and organic.

For vitrified wheel, no pore inducer needed. Benefit by the particularly designed of grain, wheels feature are:

- Extremely porous with high permeability

- Abrasive grain system shows in each direction sharp edges


● Cool cutting, high porosity improved coolant diversion, solve burn issue, high surface quality

● Gentle on dressing tools, easy to be profiled

● High grinding eciency

● Long wheel life




● Compact grains can be used in coated belt, benefit by the pre-arrange of the grain, the belt features are:

- High material removal rate

- Long belt life

- Grain spacing for a better chip clearance and reduced friction, better surface quality